Corporate Governance

Code of conduct

Our Code was developed to serve as a guideline for our conduct, to foster the behavior we value, strengthen our company culture and contribute directly to achieving the excellence that is in our DNA. We are also certain that we can influence our surroundings and society and must begin by reflecting on our own actions.

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LGPD Channel

Here at the MPR Group concern with your data is also our concern. Therefore, we have quickly adapted our entire data management to comply with the guidelines of the Brazilian General Data Protection Act (LGPD).

Through this access, you are able to protect your rights under the LGPD.

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Complaint Channel

Our Channel aims to guarantee ethical behavior and to align our discourse to our practice, thus combating illicit actions.

All complaints received will be dealt with impartially, guaranteeing and ensuring the anonymity and confidentiality of the informer’s identity and the content of the complaints, regardless of the role and hierarchical level of those involved, which is why the company opted to hire an outsourced and autonomous channel for triage and prior handling of complaints received.

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