We believe in the strength of our culture and understanding this importance strengthens our performance, reflecting in everything we do. “Way of being” is what sets us apart from other companies and makes us known for the excellence of our product and our work. With the active participation of our employees, we work toward a strong people management culture, which allows each professional to make the most of their potential.

Our Values:

Focus on Results

We achieve sustainable results through integrated work and continuous learning that enables us to outdo ourselves every day.


We are careful in the way we communicate. This increases our ability to make information and work flow more smoothly.


Collaborating is in our essence. We know that together we are stronger and therefore value teamwork.


We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, act with ownership and encourage this attitude in other people.


We value people for being their unique selves. We recognize their potential and are ready to contribute to everyone’s growth.


We are leaders who inspire, develop, recognize and enhance the talents of those we lead. This leads us to achieve higher results.