Social Responsability

    We understand the need to support a cause that aims to care for people and the environment, strengthening a collective movement of transformation in the economic, political, social and cultural spheres.

    To meet current and future needs, the MPR Group seeks opportunities for delivering the highest quality, safely and sustainably.

    For this reason, we seek continuous improvement and innovation, through active leadership, and a trained, committed staff. We have implemented the Management System with a focus on four pillars: Environment, Society, Safety and People.


    The search for each stage to evolve with more sustainable and ecological products. This is evidenced by the launch of more ecological and/or biodegradable products, our management of solid and liquid waste, recycling of materials, reverse logistics, reuse of water and the generation of our own electricity.


    We aim to understand the environment we are in and the needs of the world and to mobilize actions on a voluntary basis, contributing to a more just society. We assist governmental and non-governmental institutions, as well as communities, through the donation of our products.

    During the pandemic, we were awarded a seal of recognition for positioning ourselves more positively.


    Our focus is on protecting people, therefore, our activities are based on Quality Management, good manufacturing practices, global and internal standards and regulations, to ensure that our products and services are safe. Our system involves all areas of the company with an eye toward development for greater agility, automation and control of operations.


    We believe in the value of people and the contributions that each individual can bring to our organization. That is why we encourage professional and personal development, through training and corporate information on the importance of our role and what we deliver as a business, while valuing diversity and the contribution of all who make up our team.